Short Blog Post

Short blog post (350 to 450 words) pack a powerful punch. They get to the point quickly and engage readers who do not have a ton of time. You can present them in listicle format, traditional format or something else entirely.

Short Blog Post

Many writers work toward a specific length for their blog posts, which is fine. But maybe you don’t always have that much to say. Brief posts allow you to convey all of the important information—without fluff. By eliminating arbitrary minimum standards, you lower your risk of pontificating.

Written crisply, shorter posts are even more effective than their longwinded counterparts. You can communicate the same message in less time! Your readers’ time is valuable, so you don’t want them to be bogged down in a rambling behemoth.

And even if you do have a lot to say, the discipline of writing crisply makes it easier—and more meaningful to read. You’ve got to organize your thoughts, trace them through to their most powerful point of impact, then winnow them down for what you’d like the reader to know.

Their marketing use is versatile, too. A short blog post is a great way to tantalize readers with an overview of a white paper or e-book you want them to download. With headers, sub-headers, bullet points, photos and other navigational aids, a short blog post be attractive and extremely mobile-friendly. Their word count is long enough to help your blog rank well in SEO and to fill out a robust marketing calendar among other types of content.

Our Rate is $20 per Short Blog Post (350 to 450 words).