SEO Copywriting Services

Your content should make you money.

Great SEO copywriting tells a story. It connects with your readers. It whips them into a frenzy and makes them want to learn more about your company…

…And most importantly, it provides a clear ROI.

You may need an SEO content strategy, Or some expertly-written sales landing pages. Or a complete content makeover.

I can make it happen. I’m not cheap – but I am good. And I’ll take great care of you.

Unlike other writing firms that farm their content to junior writers, I personally write your web content, and consult on your strategy. You’ll work with me directly. We’ll have fun. Promise.

“DEMCO has recently launched multiple product landing pages. I believe a large part of the success of these pages (an average of 27% lift!) was due to the work and advice from Alex Perry and his company, ValuableWriter. Alex was very friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with, and helped keep our project on track. The training that we did as part of our engagement was very useful, and we are starting to write some of our own SEO copy now. I highly recommend Alex and his company for the success of your own website!” – Pete Williams, Media Service Manager, DEMCO

Afraid of Google’s latest algorithmic tweak? Let me put your mind at ease…

Concerned that Google is going to change the game – and the content I write today won’t be useful tomorrow? Don’t be. I’ve been doing this since 1998, and I specialize on content that performs long-term — not just a couple months.

In the 20+ years that I’ve been in business, none of my content clients have ever been hit by a content penalty.

I keep up-to-date on the latest Google changes, and train audiences around the world on how to write white-hat (yet persuasive) SEO content. I don’t spin content, focus on keyphrase density or crank out piles of crap content “for Google.” Instead, I provide high-quality content – every time.

“We recently hired Alex Perry of ValuableWriter to help optimize our Press Releases. Alex was extremely professional, energetic and eager to learn about our company. He was patient and took the time to meet with key individuals in the company and to ask the right questions to help get results. The first release he wrote for us yielded 200% better results than our previous releases! We look forward to optimizing all of our future release with the help of Valuable Writer!” – Cheryl Mueller, Director of Operations , USADATA, Inc.

What’s included in SEO Copywriting Services? A lot!

  • 30-minute consultation interview with you and your marketing staff.
  • SEO copywriting services, creating compelling, informative and keyphrase-rich content that resonates with Google and your customers. Depending on existing content and the conversion strategy, deliverables typically encompass a mixture of strategic keyphrase editing and original text.
  • Hand-created Title and description for top positioning and conversion rates.
  • Fantastic, sharable SEO content.

(Do you also need some strategy help? I’ve got you covered with my SEO consulting services.)

“Working with Alex and the SEO copywriting team at ValuableWriter has been a pleasure! The team consistently produced outstanding content for our site that was well-optimized for search engine visibility. His team’s expertise and organization were highly admired. Any time we had an urgent request or copy concern, the team was happy to oblige. If you are in need of a professional writing service that is easy to work with and can deliver SEO-friendly content in a timely manner, I would highly recommend ValuableWriter to do the job!” – Ana Taney, SEO and Social Media Manager, FYI Direct

Start making more money from your content, right now.

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“Thank you very much for your help with my website! I’m really pleased with how it looks and my search rankings are fantastic. You were great to work with and I’ll be sending several people your way that have been considering making their own sites.” – Benjamin D. Kozower, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery, University of Virginia

“If you want to learn what really works in today’s search engine optimization world, look no further than Alex Perry of Valuable Writer. Whether you are a business looking for a fantastic speaker, or a writer trying to learn SEO, Alex gives you the important information necessary to help skyrocket your Website to the top of the search engines. With Alex’s bubbly personality and extensive experience, you’ll have fun learning the science of SEO and increase your customer base fast.”Melanie Rembrandt CEO, Rembrandt Communications