Freelance writing jobs

Freelance writing jobs come in handy when you need to make some extra cash or quit that tedious 9 to 5 job. However, to land on a gig, you have to cold-pitch or respond to hundreds of job adverts. Most people end up starting with free work just to show their ability. If you are wondering how to make a decent income as a freelance writer, you should know that it takes someone who knows how to put words together creatively that everyone enjoys reading. Where you get the jobs determines what you can take home. Not every platform is worth your effort; some pay peanuts and may be discouraging. Here are the best places to find freelance writing jobs in 2020.

This is one of the most popular places to find freelance writing jobs. It was started more than two decades ago. Here, you will get regular job updates, including social media management jobs, copywriters, and journalists opportunities. To know the latest news or changes about this site, sign up for their newsletter. 


Fiverr writing jobs

Fiverr is a site for beginners looking for quick cash and opportunities to grow their writing skills. It is not ideal when looking for long-term and well-paying writing jobs. But it familiarizes you with the writing industry, and with time, you can move to well-paying platforms. 

As a beginner, it will take you time to promote yourself and get jobs. However, Fiverr remains one of the best freelance marketplaces for writers. 

Valuable Writer

Valuable Writer is suitable for all types of freelance writers, and also has well-paying jobs that you can work on as your writing career advances. It is a gold mine for freelance writers because you learn best writing skills and helps you grow your career as a freelance writer. It has helped many writers discover their writing potential and manage to earn a decent income faster. Here you can find job listings with as high as $7,000 per month.  Check out their Job Feed to find several well-paying writing jobs to apply for.

ProBlogger Job Board

Most freelance writers start their writing journey at ProBlogger Job Board as it is easy to pitch and land on a gig. However, this is not for beginners because the jobs available are looking for professional writers. You go through the listings and select what you can do best, mostly blogs and content for online publishing.


Upwork jobs

Upwork is one of the most popular freelancing sites. Hence, a list of the best places to find online writing jobs is incomplete without it. It is also the largest marketplace for freelancers worldwide. It brings clients and freelancers together for various gigs. You apply and place bids for jobs you think you can handle. Most successful freelancers started here and have gone to find better jobs elsewhere. It is a great path to follow when starting as a freelancer.

Ndash acts like a middleman between clients and writers. It is the best place to find work for experts who are also skilled writers. Here, you can look for brands that require various types of content and pitch with samples and content ideas.

CloudPeeps is a platform where brands and individuals looking for professionals to hire for one-time gigs. However, some turn into repeated projects giving you a long term job. To get jobs on this platform, you have to register as a writer and create an impressive profile indicating your rate and skills.

Zerys is an excellent freelancer marketplace for those looking for writing gigs. To start working here, you have to apply by creating a profile. You must also submit a writing sample and wait for it to be reviewed. Once approved, you start applying for jobs. It is a well-paying platform, especially if you get positive reviews.

mediabistro jobs

Mediabistro has writing, journalism, and editing jobs. It offers you a wide variety, and they are usually contract-based. The best thing is that you work remotely and therefore can work here from any part of the world.

This is one of the highest paying freelance marketplaces. Therefore, you must be an expert in what you do to make money here. You should consider applying for jobs here, especially if you have worked with international publishers who require excellent work.

Writer Finder matches writers and clients. The application process is quick and later on, you receive emails when a writer in your niche is needed. It is ideal as you apply for jobs that fall within what you can handle.

Constant Content may not be one of the well-paying marketplaces but is a popular online content mill. It is a good option when getting started as the job flow is stable. 

This site is unique, and it aggregates a summary of all writing jobs published every week. It gives writers a chance to engage in open writing jobs.

This is a marketplace for writers who would like to connect with publishers. It has a variety of jobs listed, including copywriting and social media management gigs.

At Contena, you will find many writing jobs almost daily. Besides, every job comes with its rate indicated. So you know how much you will earn once you complete a job.

Publoft is a relatively new freelancing site. Here, clients and writers are matched according to their requirements and skills. Also, the site offers editorial support to writers to help them become better in what they do.

This job board offers writing gigs, and payments are above if not at minimum wage. This means the earnings are decent. This Canada based marketplace allows people from other parts of the world to apply for jobs, though some areas are restricted. They work with natives to ensure error-free work. is not free. You have to pay for membership, but it’s reputable and worth trying. However, they vet writers once per year and therefore, you may have to wait for too long to work here.

This site features different gigs, and they all pay from $50. You find well-paying gigs here, and the work is easy as the site features information and resources for writers to use. 

There you go! Now you know the best places to find freelance writing jobs in 2020. To get started, choose the marketplace that you find most appropriate and follow their registration process. You can make good money through freelance writing as long as you join a top job board with good workflow and suits your qualifications.

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