Have you ever sat down to write an email newsletter to your audience?  I know, it can be daunting. The expectations can be high and your labor could turn out to be all in vain.

There are enough sob stories about newsletter writers who couldn’t get their readers to read an inch of their content. 

Fortunately, there are tricks you can use to avoid these nightmare scenes. So how do you ensure that your newsletter isn’t one that readers run away from? 

Here is how you can make this easy and turn your copy into a magnet newsletter that your readers can’t stop reading.

Make sure your readers are motivated enough to read that first  email newsletter 

Even before you craft and send out that first newsletter, shouldn’t you raise the anticipation of your readers? That way, they will be hungry to read it even before they lay eyes on it. 

Did your prospective readers sign up for your newsletter in the first place? If not, your letter will be flagged as spam and go down on the spam score. 

Also if you already shared your agenda in a concrete way with your readers before they subscribed they will be literally waiting at your doorstep for your newsletter. 

Use a compelling subject line

Have you ever seen a subject line that you couldn’t resist wanting to read more about even when you aren’t in the mood? That is the power of a carefully crafted subject line

Think of how many other newsletters your prospects see each day. There are probably dozens if not hundreds. 

So your subject line has to look different to stand out from this dizzying pile. 

A bland subject line that does nothing for the reader’s emotions won’t get them to look at the rest of what you have to say. 

Hubspot has a great list of the characteristics of what your subject line should include. It should be short, funny, actionable, urgent and give your reader a peek of what’s inside. 

Keep in mind it doesn’t  have to be all of these but inclusion of most of these can make your newsletter irresistible to your readers 

Aim for some moderation on text and image

For newbie newsletter writers this can be a common pitfall. It’s tempting to throw together 2000-plus word texts and fill almost every empty space with fancy images. It’s a bad idea because readers don’t like reading lengthy emails. And it doesn’t really matter how terrific the writing is. 

Studies show that readers typically stick around for just 20 seconds to read an email. You can save your longer content for a blog post and guide readers through a clear call to action in your newsletter. 

Finally, spare your readers the pain of reading long complicated sentences. The rule is to keep it clean and simple. 

Is there empathy and authenticity in your newsletter?

Your newsletter should show that you care about the readers. Specifically, it should address a problem that they care deeply about. A good way of doing this is to use authentic cases from your personal experience that they can easily relate with. People respond strongly to authenticity especially given that there is so much phony stuff going around the internet. 

You can also leverage on valuable content and give away something nice to the reader for free. This dramatically raises your empathy level.